Preparation and competition for a successful loan buyout.

DATE: March 7, 2020

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Prepare your loan repurchase file well

Prepare your loan repurchase file well

Most of the time, the bank’s decision is linked to insufficient guarantees. But it still happens all too often that the refusal results from a lack of preparation of the loan buy-back dossier. Indeed, in addition to respecting a certain formality, the borrower must also be able to provide all the documents necessary for the study of the loan repurchase request file.

He must also know how to highlight all the strong points likely to win the agreement of the bank. An additional reason to call upon negotiation professionals who will analyze the situation of the borrower and know how to defend his interests as equals with the banker when requesting the repurchase of credits.

Do not hesitate to approach several banks

Do not hesitate to approach several banks

In the same way, if it is actually recommended to request a credit repurchase from his bank in priority (because this one is more able to know at the same time the profile of the borrower but also its history), it does not do not hesitate either to file a credit repurchase file with competing establishments.

Indeed, the various crises of the last three or four years have damaged French people’s confidence in the banks: in January 2012, a study by Fine bank Info showed that 73% of French people were suspicious of their banker (49% even said never trust him). Banks must therefore redouble their efforts to keep customers more and more dissatisfied with their services and especially less and less loyal.

Because the time is now long gone when we kept the same bank all our life. Today, more and more users have current accounts, savings or loans in several establishments at the same time, and they no longer hesitate to use competition to obtain the best conditions. Thus, in 10 years, the rate of loss of bank customers has almost doubled, going from 4% to 7%, and 1 in 3 French people has already changed banks at least once.

Consequently, if your profile interests a competing bank, it is possible that it makes an effort to have you as a customer, and therefore accepts to buy back your credits on more attractive conditions than your own bank.

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